GHOST TOWN is an international literary magazine curated by California State University San Bernardino. We’re looking for fearless and inventive fiction, flash fiction, poetry, essays and translations. We publish one or two on-line issues per year. Our reading period is from September 1 to June 15. Look for us at AWP!

Contributors to CSUSB’s literary magazines include Yusef Komunyakaa, Padgett Powell, Billy Collins, Laura Kasischke, William Stafford, Peter Orner, Allison Hedge Coke, Mark Irwin, Jeff Parker, Sandra Alcosser, Chris Bachelder, Bob Hicok, Yannis Ritsos, Nicole Kocot, Susan Straight, Jim Daniels, Joan Naviyuk Kane, Michael Martone, Matt Hart, Paul Hoover, Alex Lemon, Harriet Levin and Arda Collins.


Devin Almond is just a young man that loves his dog and singing in the car. He is the current Lead Fiction Editor of Ghost Town and has his creative work forthcoming in The Pacific Review. In the past he spent time on the Cajon Courier as: Assistant Feature Editor, Managing Editor, and Editor-In-Chief; he was also previously a staff writer for MSJC’s The Talon. He has studied at UCSB, LAVC, MSJC, and is currently in his Creative Writing undergrad at CSUSB. His creative work is almost entirely about himself and his own experiences as a proud and visible transman, and the soul-searching and radical self-love it took to get him here.  

Savannah Solorio attends Cal State University San Bernardino. She is a fourth year English major in the creative writing program with a Theatre Arts minor in acting. She is the head fiction editor for Pacific Review Literary Magazine and a contributing fiction editor for Ghost Town. Savannah is a writer who looks forward to working on screenplays and novels in the future as well as attending grad school to work on her MFA next year. This is her last quarter as an undergrad. 

Ian Ovakimyan Ruiz-Hernandez is an Assistant Stockroom Manager at Ross Dress For Less and a full time student in the English Teaching/Creative Writing program at Cal State San Bernardino. In his spare time, when he is not a SCIPP tutor for elementary schools, he is teaching pataphysics to coyotes in the Mojave Desert. He is one of the top trash persons alive. He is currently the poetry editor for The Pacific Review and a contributing poetry editor for Ghost Town.

Larrina Jones is a soon to be graduate of CSUSB. She is currently working as a student assistant in the CAL Advising Office and as managing editor for The Pacific Review and a contributing poetry editor for Ghost Town. She is a small town gal who grew up in BFE. Her poetry and fiction are influenced by the desert landscapes she grew up in and her crazy family which have already supplied her with a mass of wild tales. She aims to start a career in publishing after graduation.

Scott M Bentley is a senior Creative Writing student at CSUSB. His poetry has been published in The Pacific Review. He still aspires to be a professional Ghostbuster, and his favorite dinosaur is a pterodactyl.

Jenna Bozarth is an English major at CSUSB. She spends most of her days chillen and relaxin in the sunny I.E. She listens to underground hip-hop and writes poetry on sticky notes while driving. Her main goal in life is to own a Norwegian forest cat.

Brock Brawner is finishing his senior year at CSUSB as a creative writing major. He works as a creative and copy writer at a local advertising agency in Redlands, California. Brock enjoys the simple things in life, such as playing guitar and writing for clients. He also enjoys camping in Joshua Tree with friends. His favorite place to visit is the lone and desolate plains of Kansas, where he says, “It’s the place to get away, and find yourself if you’re lost.”

Jessica Bravo was born and raised in Los Angeles County. Passionate about artistic literature, she has dabbled in screenwriting, poetry, and flash fiction, kicking off the annual Emerging American Voices Event in Glendora, California in 2011. She has been published in The Pacific Review and Tin Cannon and currently lives in Beaumont, California with four cats and her other half.

Chelsea Cizek is a Literature major and is in her senior year at CSUSB. She lives in the San Bernardino mountains where she spends her time serving in a restaurant overlooking Lake Arrowhead. She also enjoys reading and writing fiction and poetry, and mothering her adopted baby maltipoo terrier. When away from home, she is most likely in San Francisco where she follows  her favorite modern poets and listens to their art in the form of Indie or Folk music.

Danielle Delaney is a senior at CSUSB studying creative writing, linguistics, and public relations. She is a fiction writer of romance and erotic and is currently writing her memoir. She lives in the middle of nowhere called the high desert, or for some, a pee stop on the way to Vegas. She loves elephants and hopes to one day adopt one. 

Shiane Daima Jacocks was born in sunny California and has been writing since she discovered yellow legal pads in Elementary. She is a fiction editor for Ghost Town and Pacific Review. She writes realistic fiction and is an active bibliophile. Her work can be found in the Pacific Review 2015. She is designing her own magazine.

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Bree Reyes is from Colton, California and belongs to the Gryffindor house. She is going to school at Cal State San Bernardino for English, Creative Writing, Communications, and Public Relations. When not at school, she enjoys going to concerts, sleeping, and eating seafood. However, she’s usually watching Netflix with her five cats and dachshund on her free time. One day she hopes to become a book publicist and conquer the adventure of traveling. But for now, you will most likely see her in a library, nose in a book, reading something weird.

Jonathan Rudd is a man of many talents and even more interests. J-Rudd exists as an enigma. As a lover of poetry, and the positive impact it can have on a community, he began hosting a night of spoken word at his local coffee shop in 2015. His greatest wish is to see everyone manifest their own creative abilities for their own benefit and the benefit of those they come in contact with. He also enjoys adventures of most kinds like skateboarding for hours on end, and food.

Jen Sharp lives in a comic book and owns her own spaceship. Sometimes she writes and edits, mostly she reruns Star Trek. When she decides to be an adult, she is an English major at CSUSB. She is also an editor for The Pacific Review. Sometimes she writes poetry.

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Danielle Smith is a senior at CSUSB. She was born and raised in Southern California and currently lives in Garden Grove. She comes from a literary family, so it is no surprise that all of her free time is spent with books whether that means reading them or writing them.

Tim Hatch lives in a secret volcano headquarters somewhere in the South Pacific, where he controls the world economy, traffics in black-market firearms, and writes confessional poetry about his disappointing childhood.

His poetry has been published in MungBeing, East Jasmine Review, The Pacific Review, The Vehicle, Touch: The Journal Of Healing, Apeiron Review, and he is the recipient of the 2014 Felix Valdez Award.

He finds writing about himself in the third person to be an overtly seductive invitation to tell lies.

He once captured a French Eagle at Talavera.

Tara Cummins is a second year MFA student at Cal State San Bernardino, where she  also received her BA in English. She lives in the San Bernardino Mountains with her husband, twin daughters and some cats. She has previously been published in the The Pacific Review, Draught City and the Redlands Review. 

Edgar Hernandez earned his MA in literature from La Sierra University and is currently working on his MFA in Fiction at CSUSB.

Born in the urban desert known as Mexicali and raised in the small town on the other side of the US border, Calexico, Edgar now resides in Riverside, where he works as an English adjunct professor, teaching both ESL and freshmen composition courses.

Edgar is also an avid writer, publishing his work on his website on a daily basis, much of it focusing on science fiction and fantasy, all of which bleeds into his day-to-day basis, explaining his current ability to perform some small magical feats and fold space and time.

Bolin Jue is part of CSUSB's MFA program in poetry. He's a magician in the Crestline mountains and makes moonshine disappear. 

Allyson Jeffredo grew up in the desert of the Coachella Valley and now resides in a red cabin in Crestline. She is working on watercolor interpretations of her galactic poetry while in her first year of the MFA at CSUSB. She has been published in The Pacific Review and Badlands.

Elisha Holt is a poet of seedpods, coyotes’ howl, and the wind over the chaparral. He was born in San Bernardino and raised in the rural Palo Verde Valley, a beekeeper. An MFA candidate at Cal State San Bernardino, his work has appeared in Apercus Quarterly, Inlandia, and on the wall at The Camel Saloon.

Nikki (Andrea) Harlin lives in her hometown, San Bernardino. She has great hope for the area. She is an MFA student at Cal State San Bernardino where she paces, loses her mind, and finally writes poetry. 

Alex Avila is from the Bronx, New York City.  He is a Black Latino Honduran who is very passionate about people.  Alex has published five books. Mr. Avila has organized and worked with communities around issues regarding homelessness, HIV and AID’s, immigration, health , educational inequality, economic inequality, youth services, art in public places, and environmental justice.

Alex has worked with UCR playwright professor Rickerby Hinds: co-wrote Buckworld One, and Uncovered: A Pageant of Hip Hop MastersUncovered 2, worked with Project21– Maura Townsend’s: co-wrote Katrina Tribute poetry and dance performance, and Black History Civil Rights poetry and dance performance, and also performed with Rev. Bronica Martindale: The Last Emancipation at Victoria Garden’s theatre in Rancho Cucamonga.

He’s been a part of The Pacific Review Magazine and now The National GHOST TOWN Literary Magazine as an editor / writer.

Alex has volunteered as a teacher for Professor Delgado’s SCIPP (Student and Coyotes: Instruction in Poetry and Prose).


Ruben Rodriguez is an MFA student at Cal State San Bernardino and the fiction editor of Ghost Town. His work can be found in Black Heart Magazine, theNewerYork, and forthcoming in Bop Dead City. If not writing, he might be found painting or searching for treasure amongst the racks at a local thrift store. Currently he lives an antiquated lifestyle at the foot of the San Bernardino Mountains.


Eva Warren is an MFA student in poetry at CSU San Bernardino. She lives in the desert where she practices yoga with the ancient flora of creosote and Joshua tree.


Tracey Dover is a first year MFA Fiction student at CSUSB and a fiction editor for Ghost Town. She received her BA in Linguistics and Creative Writing from CSUSB, as well as a minor in Japanese. She enjoys writing stories about giant squids, dead people, and demons at night while drinking tea and contemplating the use of Christian Matthiesson's idea of the cline of instantiation on second language acquisition. Miss Dover also likes to relax by watching Japanese Dramas, drawing really bad comics, and brushing up on her German and Spanish language skills.


Chance Castro is an MFA poetry student at CSUSB where he earned his B.A. in English.


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Michael Cooper is an inland empire poet, PoetrIE member, CSUSB MFA student, Veteran, and father of two great sons.  He finds beauty at the point of failure, following the fracture-the heat and conflict.  He is completing a chapbook with one of his favorite poets: Cindy Rinne.   You can find his work in The Los Angeles Review, Tin Cannon, The Pacific Review, The Chaffey Review, The Camel Saloon, Creepy Gnome, Milspeaks: Memo, Split Lip, and other fine (but wild) publications. Michael performs his poetry widely and would like to make you aware that the splashzone includes the first 11 rows.



Peter "Pedro" Schuler was raised in the sweltering heat and beauty of Coachella Valley California. And it was in an almond orchard in Bakersfield, Caflornia that he was conceived during a lightning storm and, as a result, he has been addicted to almonds ever since. His works have been published in Baldands and in Space.



Chad Sweeney is the author of five books of poetry, most recently White Martini of the Apocalypse (Marick, 2015), Parable of Hide and Seek (Alice James Books, 2010), and Wolf’s Milk: Lost Notebooks of Juan Sweeney (Forklift Books, 2012) Sweeney’s poems have been chosen for Best American Poetry, The Pushcart Prize Anthology, and The Writer's Almanac. He is co-translator of the Selected Poems of contemporary Iranian poet H.E. Sayeh (White Pine Books) and teaches in the MFA program at California State University San Bernardino.