Lee Klein | Nose Bleed

Matthew Vollmer | 35.

Julia Cohen | Three Poems

Alessandra Simmons | Two Poems

Jessi Lewis | Walnuts

Seth Landman | Three Poems

Joel Horwood | Slow Learner

Gary McDowell | Two Poems

Lauren Henley | Two Poems

Michael A. Bukach | Seward

Matt Hart | Two Poems

William Greenway | Two Poems

Sara C. Rolater | Crusade

Alexis Orgera | Three Poems

Catherine Theis | Five Poems

Bobby Fischer | Daisy

Amanda Zubillaga | The Mundane Habits of the Opposite Sex

Marvin Shackelford | Three Poems

Jamie Quatro | Eummina, Dancing

John Brandon | The Frontier

Christopher Robinson | Three Poems

by Dustin Glauser

Issue #3 Staff

Faculty Editors  |  Chad Sweeney & Kevin Moffett

Managing Editor  |  Tim Manifesta
Copy Editor  |  Melissa Sonico

Fiction Editors:
David Camberos
Jackie Carbajal
Andrea Ingham
Michael Richey
Melissa Sonico
James Wheeler

Poetry Editors:
Adalberto Arevalo
André Katkov
Caroline Mays


Art Contributors | Anna Delgado, Dustin Glauser, and Jason Polan