Nicole Rivas | Porches

Dani Heinemeyer |  After the Storm

Glenn Shaheen | King Lear

Danielle LaVaque-Manty | Warcraft

Anna Geraldine Paret |  First They Stood

Keith F. Stahl | Dad's Rock

Erin Rhodes | Start with My Toes

Chella Courington | Odd Conversation Overheard at Starbucks

Timston Johnston | A Rock Named Pavlov



Ron Arias | Gonzo Who?

Robert Joe Stout | Carlos Armando



Allison Hedge Coke | from Burn

Kjell Espmark | (Trans. from Swedish by Robin Fulton Macpherson)

Kristin Bock | Three poems

Sandra Alcosser | After Bathing

Mark Irwin | Three poems

Lisa Lewis | Two poems

Matthew Rohrer | Two poems

Tony Trigilio | Three poems

Vickie Vértiz | Two poems

Katie Byrum | Two poems

Jessica Smith | Two poems

J Ryan Bermuda | Two poems

Lisa Cheby | Two poems

Philip Schaefer | I Want to Tell You

Jill Ann Mceldowney | Two Poems

Caiden Feldmiller | Two poems

Dillon J. Welch | On Preserving

Kathrine Keller | The Marriage of Equals

Melissa Ho | Orange Acid and Other Admissions of Guilt



Art by  Claire Anna Baker 

Art by Claire Anna Baker 

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