Katia Hage

                                         Jeanne Bessette

                                        Jeanne Bessette

A mere existence


the woman merely existed

in the eyes or the stones

emptiness of aliveness

scraping down

its hollow body

of meatless bones

tightness of twitches


beyond the mind

to habits

imprinted on the skin

like a tattoo

which stubbornly

pierces its blackened nails

into bloodied meat

chains of an unseen cell

in a world

of freedom of choice

To a cypress


I have touched your rugged skin

With my warm bosom

Telling you secrets

Hidden in the depth of my soul

As I ran up the hill

You saw my shadow

Drew in my scent

Leaning your face

To caress my hair

Tightly pressed on my head

Whispered in wonder

Where my curls disappeared

You did not mind

The beads of sweat

Trickle through my light shirt

Showing the woman

I will be one day

Carrying children

On hips

Swinging to the sound of the wind

Rustle of leaves

You knew what was to come

How will I shed my skins

Through dark nights

And bright moons

How I will not know you

Till the distances grew far

And farther away

Until the day I ran up the hill

To find you

Waiting with an infinite longing

For my eyes to remember

My soul to connect


To the child that scurried


Was swept away

By the incense of your holiness

Droplets of gold

Oozing from your loving heart

To the fingers of Taita (grandma)

Who picked each one


Made glue in a pan

Books from torn papers

Stories from broken lives

Mended the sadness

With a joy overflowing

In silent whispers

From the hills

The flowers

The vegetables

All  different in shapes and colors

Slowly ripening under her care

As I was

Slowly learning

From her wrinkles

Of the long enduring battles

The reverence of solitude

The silent conversations of being


In the sun’s rays

Ever lining the spider’s web

Perfectly knit

On your limbs

Where I reached

To cover you with kisses

Searing tears

For it has been long

Since I ran up that hill

To fall happily

In your shadows

Born in Cameroun, raised in Lebanon during the civil War, Katia Aoun Hage moved to the United States where she resides with her husband and three children. Graduated from the University of Redlands with a Masters in Music Education, Katia is not a stranger in the Inland Empire art scene of Inland Southern California. She has collaborated with choreographer Sofia Carrera at Riverside Community College, performed poetry and music at California State University San Bernardino, displayed her artwork at Art for Heaven's Sake and performed music in local venues. Katia Aoun Hage listens deeply to the voices inside, of her own people and hers, becoming a bridge between past and present, east and west, through her poetry, translations and artwork.