Las Comadres | Simon Silva

Las Comadres | Simon Silva


Susannah Breslin  |  God Hates Porn/Porn Hates God

Gayle Brandeis | A Portrait of My Mother Through Other Daughters’ Portraits of Their Mothers

Shilpa Iyyer  |  The Story that Ended Perfectly

Katie Chen  |  Pork Chops

Brian Ingram  |  A Conversation for Another Time

M. Hustead Lorenzo  |  False Fires

Saramanda Swigart  |  Flight

Kacy Cunningham  | Six Months Single

Neil Serven | Curbside

Brett Riley  |  Far Away from the Path and a Little Bit Lost

Michael Tesauro  |  New Year's Zeppelin

Chris Vanjonack  |  Untitled Love Story—First Draft

Naphisa Senanarong  |  La Vie en Rose

L. Vocem  | Three Chicas

Ryan Garcia  |  From Griffith Observatory

Sarah Edge  |  The Art of Eating Drinking and Talking

Allison Wendt  |  Pariah

Diana Clark  |  A Box Marked Fragile

Julia Mendoza Friedman  |  Hair and Flesh

Patricia L. Meek  |  Hot Springs




Mexico: Amélie Olaiz  (trans. by Toshiya Kamei)

Mexico: Carlos Bortoni (trans. by Toshiya Kamei)

Egypt: Fatima Naoot (trans. by Katia Aoun Hage)

Lebanon: Said Akl (trans. by Katia Aoun Hage)

Chile: Vicente Huidobro (trans. by Jonathan Simkins)

Peru: Luis Nieto Miranda (trans. by Lynn Levin)

Italy: Julio Monteiro Martins (trans. by Donald Stang and Helen Wickes)



Art & Photography

Simón Silva

Jylian Gustlin

Daniel Gohman

Jeanne Bessette

Albert Esquer



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Editor | Chad Sweeney

Poetry Editor | Ian Ovakimyan Ruiz-Hernandez

Fiction Editor | Devin Almond

Web Editor |  Chad Sweeney

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